Spirituality Doesn’t Give Way to Kitsch in Hoang Thinh

Main Products: Basket

Ethnic Minority: kinh

From Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi): 133 km
From Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC): 1011 km

Archaeologists have found bamboo weaving imprinted on pottery of 6,000 years old excavated in Thanh Hoa. Did Thanh Hoa serve as a cradle of Vietnam’s weaving craft? The present and the future of each person and each nation all originated from the past. With this phenomenon in mind, Thanh Hoa people are always proud to maintain their traditional weaving craft as a precious vehicle for their itinerary towards a bright future

Renown for an immense growth of bamboo, Thanh Hoa province has hosted related weaving as a practical job for its rural people. It seems if this craft did not exist, the village would be devoid of its beauty, the names of famous weaving villages such as Hoang Thinh and Quang Phong, and the flute-supported folksongs that went into heart and soul of each villager who bears the special cultural identity of a northern delta countryside.

Only 10 kilometers (6 miles) northeast of Thanh Hoa city, Hoang Thinh commune, belonging to Hoang Hoa district, is a famous village making bamboo ware for export. On the village lane full of yellow straw and a soft rice fragrance, girls with vibrant smiles are taking their products to collection points, and men are hurrying up to carry materials back to the village.

Weaving is becoming a main job for the people of Hoang Thinh. In excess of 90% of its 6,400 people are involved in weaving production. Thanks to traditional production, the products attained a stable and sophisticated level attracting more and more customers from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Export revenue keeps increasing steadily, from 12 billion VND in 2010 to nearly 30 billion VND in 2017, and bringing a more comfortable life for all people here.  

Same as Hoang Thinh, the weaving craft in Quang Xuong has existed for ages and which centers mostly in Quang Phong, Quang Ninh, and Quang Duc communes. There’s a wide range of baskets, screens, teapot covers, dish-covers, and more. Since feudal times, baskets of Quang Xuong have been prized for their beauty and durability. The secret of using all natural materials for the smoking process creates the durability, shining, as well as the endearing aesthetics of the products. Many artistic products of Quang Xuong are found in Eastern European markets, and, of course, their products have carved a firm niche in the local market.

Leaving Thanh Hoa at sunset and then passing historical Ham Rong Bridge, the song of the Ma River is still part of visitors. How impressive this region is with its talented weavers who always respect and preserve traditional values.

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