Craft Villages in Vietnam

Kim Bang Ceramics

Visitors to Que usually first comment about the peaceful and warm atmosphere most ancient villages have in common. Away from the noise, pollution and hectic life style of busy urban centres, traditional villages seem to exist beyond time, in a dimension untouched by the ways of a new age. They seem to breathe peacefully and follow a steady pace, unaltered by the digital fury or the imperatives of development.

Phap Lam Ceramic of Hue

Phap Lam ceramics were specially made for the internal and exterior decorations of the Imperial Palace, imperial mausoleums and royal tombs. Exquisite vases, horizontal columns inscribed with meaningful and poetic Chinese characters in parallel sentences can all be found in the World Heritage sites and other historic localities throughout the Imperial City. Visitors can view at the historic inscriptions 

The legend of wood carving in My Xuyen

The village of My Xuyen has more than 700 woodcarvers whose passion for their craft has been introduced to all regions of Vietnam and exported throughout the world. The carving style of this riverside village is the melding of an ageless inheritance of the quintessential combined with the modern world. Woodcarvers here have successfully united traditional culture and art with the unique architecture of Hue.

The beauty of applique decoration

The art of appliqué is a method of “applying” fabric shapes by hand to produce decorative patterns on a variety of woven products. According to legend, the H’mong people had their own written script but when they were defeated by the Han Chinese they were forced to flee. In order to keep from losing their script, they applied it to their clothing, and this became the well known Appliqué of today.

Spirituality Doesn’t Give Way to Kitsch in Hoang Thinh

Archaeologists have found bamboo weaving imprinted on pottery of 6,000 years old excavated in Thanh Hoa. Did Thanh Hoa serve as a cradle of Vietnam’s weaving craft? The present and the future of each person and each nation all originated from the past. With this phenomenon in mind, Thanh Hoa people are always proud to maintain their traditional weaving craft as a precious vehicle