Craft Villages in Vietnam

Silver-plaited village in the Red Delta River

Legend has it that 300 years ago, there was an artist named Nguyen Kim Lau, who had used his boat to travel downstream on Tra Ly River to earn his living. It was him who transferred his silver carving skills to local people in Dong Xuan village. Through the ups and downs, silver carving has been maintained and boomingly developed. After he died, Dong Xam Temple was built

A story of Dong Ho Folk Painting

Since the 16th century, the making process of Dong Ho painting has been done manually, from making papers to woodcut printing. The craft particularly flourished from the late 18th century to 1944, during which all the 17 clans of the village made folk paintings. The market for Dong Ho folk paintings is particularly busy during the 12th lunar month, especially on market days

Kimono embroidery village in Vietnam

Minh Lang village is in the Vu Thu district, of Thai Binh province. Although it formed in early 20th century, Minh Lang village is quite famous among the embroidery villages of Vietnam. Both dynamic and creative, the accomplishments of this village craft has its origins in over a century of struggling to first acquire the skills, and then to develop them to such a high standard that their work is sought world wide.

Bich Chu Carpenter Village

The village elders usually tell a story to descendants about the village history which was formed since more than 500 years. The Lo Ban patriarch is being worshipped in the village. Through development history, carpentry has been reserved as a treasure from generation to generation with daily improvement. For the time being, there are about 1,000 carpenters in the village

Rattan Adventure - In the Arty Central

There is no other place in Vietnam where rattan is so abundant as in the central provinces. Down through a strip of land from Quang Binh, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen to Khanh Hoa province... is the thick and interminable forest of rattan, brimful of vitality. The rattan harvested and processed here not only meets the needs for the local rattan ware production but also supplies ready