Craft Villages in Vietnam

Embroidery pictures in Da Lat

Skilled embroidery artisans also bring out vivid features not possible in other art forms. Scenes such as the precarious crossing of a ferry boat, fisherman gathering near a quiet riverside wharf at dawn, or a lone pine on a grassy hill overlooking a distant village all require attention to the smallest details. Cultural traits and unique characteristics can also be seen in the inspirational needle-work.

Phap Lam Ceramic of Hue

Phap Lam ceramics were specially made for the internal and exterior decorations of the Imperial Palace, imperial mausoleums and royal tombs. Exquisite vases, horizontal columns inscribed with meaningful and poetic Chinese characters in parallel sentences can all be found in the World Heritage sites and other historic localities throughout the Imperial City. Visitors can view at the historic inscriptions 

Brocade in the Central Highland of Vietnam

As traditional culture of Central Highland, any girl will be tough by her mother the weaving skills in order to serve for her need and for her family in the future. The most beautiful skirts are wore in festival or important events such as weeding ceremony. In the festival ceremonies full of resound of gong, the girl with the most beautiful skirts is considered as the most assiduous and skillful girl.

The beauty of applique decoration

The art of appliqué is a method of “applying” fabric shapes by hand to produce decorative patterns on a variety of woven products. According to legend, the H’mong people had their own written script but when they were defeated by the Han Chinese they were forced to flee. In order to keep from losing their script, they applied it to their clothing, and this became the well known Appliqué of today.

Eye Candy from Cu Chi

An outlying district of Hochiminh City, Cu Chi is known as a rich land. Since long ago, bamboo species such as Truc (phyllostachys bambusoides) and Tam Vong (thyrsostachys siamensis) have served as images of this land as they appear along village lanes and in the daily lives of villagers. Cu Chi is also very famous with many traditional handicraft villages such as the Tan Thong Hoi Truc’s screen village