Craft Villages in Vietnam

Kim Bang Ceramics

Visitors to Que usually first comment about the peaceful and warm atmosphere most ancient villages have in common. Away from the noise, pollution and hectic life style of busy urban centres, traditional villages seem to exist beyond time, in a dimension untouched by the ways of a new age. They seem to breathe peacefully and follow a steady pace, unaltered by the digital fury or the imperatives of development.

A Bamboo Space! A Glorious Bamboo Space!

A bamboo space always brings about a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Any color or architectural style can be in harmony within a bamboo space, no matter whether there’s a hot or cold color, traditional or modern architecture. Inheriting a special characteristic feature, the bamboo furniture of Trang Bang is one of the indispensable elements for creating such a marvelous space.

An Impression of Chau Giang brocade village

Chau Giang is situated on Phu Tan district, An Giang province which is separated from Chau Doc by a river. Chau Giang Cham village is the gathering place of many Cham people in the South of Vietnam. Different from the Cham in the central region who follow Ba Ni or Brahmanism religion, the Cham in Chau Giang follow Islam with the strict mores of the official Islamic.

The oldest silk village in Vietnam

As the oldest silk village in Vietnam, Van Phuc has a glorious past. Generations of master weavers have built the village into a national brand. Van Phuc Silk was highly sought after and in the old days was widely favored by courtiers and even monarchs. It became known internationally when in 1931 The King chose to send its silk to a fair in Marseille, to be presented before the French public. It was a great success.

Lung Noi traditional textile

The major ingredients for brocade weaving are indigo-dyed cotton yard and dyed silk. Particularly, there are 6 main colors on a Brocade of Tay people including blue, red, yellow, purple, white, black. From these main colors, the weaver concocted strong and light colors depending on the type of each product idea. The arrangement of patterns on brocatelle is various, resulting in special and different products.