Craft Villages in Vietnam

Thanh Ha Embroidery village

To observe the embroiderers of Thanh Ha, one easily gets the misleading impression that embroidery is easy. However upon close observation, this art form has been carefully crafted. There are many stages to go through once an abstract design is drawn on paper. First is tracing the outline. A needle is used to lightly prick through a thin transparent mica paper which is then carefully placed over a specially selected fabric.

Brocade in the Central Highland of Vietnam

As traditional culture of Central Highland, any girl will be tough by her mother the weaving skills in order to serve for her need and for her family in the future. The most beautiful skirts are wore in festival or important events such as weeding ceremony. In the festival ceremonies full of resound of gong, the girl with the most beautiful skirts is considered as the most assiduous and skillful girl.

Eye Candy from Cu Chi

An outlying district of Hochiminh City, Cu Chi is known as a rich land. Since long ago, bamboo species such as Truc (phyllostachys bambusoides) and Tam Vong (thyrsostachys siamensis) have served as images of this land as they appear along village lanes and in the daily lives of villagers. Cu Chi is also very famous with many traditional handicraft villages such as the Tan Thong Hoi Truc’s screen village 

Rattan Adventure - In the Arty Central

There is no other place in Vietnam where rattan is so abundant as in the central provinces. Down through a strip of land from Quang Binh, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen to Khanh Hoa province... is the thick and interminable forest of rattan, brimful of vitality. The rattan harvested and processed here not only meets the needs for the local rattan ware production but also supplies ready

A Rare Look Inside Kamu Weaving

In Vietnam’s fabulous community of many peoples, the Kamu ethnic minority numbers 57,000, and among them more than 27,000 reside in Ky Son, Que Phong, Tuong Duong, and Quy Chau districts of western Nghe An province. The rest are mainly at Son La and Lai Chau provinces. Kamu people grow up in the midst of a poetically natural landscape of a mountainous area