Our People

Mr. Le Ba Ngoc

Le Ba Ngoc is one of the founders of Vietcraft. Before that he worked as both National and International Consultant for over 80 projects and programmes. He prepared the National export strategies for handicraft and furniture sectors and approved by the Government. He has experience in every aspect of handicraft value chain. He has traveled to over 40 countries and established close relationships with many international organizations and businesses.

Ms.Ngo Phuong Dung

Ms.Dung has been working for over 25 years as the Program Manager of many culture, creative and media-related projects. She has already established a great network of the national agencies, national and international development organizations and the donors. She has also an excellent expertise in managing regional development and global cross-cutting issues, especially in term of local economic development, human rights, gender and women empowerment…

Ms. Dao Ha Phi

Ms.Phi has been working in handicraft sector for over 10 years and established a wide network of both local and international exhibitors and buyers. She has extensive knowledge in preparing and organizing international trade fairs, both in Vietnam and abroad. She's also very creative in building up impressive pavilions for different countries at the fair. Phi has also experience in setting fairs in different countries, from Korea to Germany, Spain, France...

Ms. Le Thuy Duong

Ms.Duong has been studying about the Chinese-speaking countries for almost 8 years. She is very good at Chinese and she has a large network of relationship in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia… She has been establishing a sales network for the Vietnam International Home Décor and Gift Fair (Lifestyle Vietnam) in China and regional countries. She also supported both Vietnam and Chinese-speaking countries to develop businesses on mutual benefits.

Ms.Le Nguyet Que

Ms.Que has left Vietnam to live in Russia when she was young. She returned to Vietnam and works as Senior Marketing Executive at Vietcraft. She is very good at Russian and she has a large network of relationship in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus … She has been establishing a sales network for the Vietnam International Home Décor and Gift Fair (Lifestyle Vietnam) in Russia and regional countries and to develop handicraft businesses with Russia. 

Ms. Dang Tu

Ms.Tu has graduated from the National Financial University with Excellent Diploma. She is good at both financial and administrative accounting. Ms.Tu has good experience in completing financial documents required by both governmental and international organizations. She has acted as the Accountant of many projects. She understands well both Vietnamese and international accounting and taxing systems. She is also good at preparing bidding documents.

Ms.Nguyen Ngoc Ha

Ms.Ha has graduated from the National Foreign Language University in Hanoi, specialized in English. She has been with Vietcraft since 2008 and in charge of different administrative works from the arrangement of visa/trip for the international customers to the building of the customers’ database, operating of the marketing system to the global buyers and exhibitors. Ha is also in charge of the providing updated information for the members of Vietcraft.  

Ms.Pham Thuy Duong

Ms.Duong is a professional photographer. She’s also a good graphic designer and film editor. She’s in charge of developing promotional documents, both online and off-line to promote various activities of Vietcraft. Her produced photos and videos always successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage. She’s also working well with international visual experts to promote craft-related images in Vietnam.

Ms.Hoang Thu Trang

Ms.Trang has obtained her Master on Business Administration at the Poitiers University in France. She’s in charge of promoting handicraft business between Vietnam and the French-speaking countries, from the promotion of the Vietnam International Home décor and Gift Fair (Lifestyle Vietnam) to the business-matching events between the exporters and buyers. She’s also involved in the development of the local market, for both Vietnamese and international tourists. 

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