OCOC - One Country One Commodity initiative from FAO

FAO is developing the Global Action Plan for Green Development of Specialty Agro-Products: One Country–One Commodity (OCOC). The OCOC initiative is inspired by “One Village, One Product” (OVOP) programmes and schemes in which the Asia-Pacific region

Vietnam Craft Award 2020

This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development officially determined to hold the Vietnam Craft Award. The competition started in 2020 and is part of a global systems competition. Vietcraft is a consulting unit cooperating with the Ministry to implement this contest.

The European market potential for leather bags

Europe is a strong market for leather bags with a total import value of €4.8 billion and a 5-year average growth of 9.7%. France and Italy are the most specialised import markets with the highest unit prices. 

Initial impressions of OCOP 2018-2010 program

After more than 2 years of implementation, the national Program One Commune One Product (OCOP) for the period of 2018-2020 has been achieved many outstanding outcomes. The Program’s main goals have been all met and exceeded its set targets. There are 2.961 registrations for 6.210 products participated in the Program. The registered entities have been supported to improve their products