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OCOC - One Country One Commodity initiative from FAO

FAO is developing the Global Action Plan for Green Development of Specialty Agro-Products: One Country–One Commodity (OCOC). The OCOC initiative is inspired by “One Village, One Product” (OVOP) programmes and schemes in which the Asia-Pacific region

Competitive OCOP product designs - Lessons from country experiences

Reports from World Economic Forum also pointed out that countries competitiveness has strong connection with its design capability. Countries with high competitiveness level are those with best design capability.

Vietcraft holds a virtual fair in Vietnam

Due to the Covid 19, travel restrictions and ban on outdoor crowd gatherings are the biggest hurdles for trade fairs and organizers around the world have been focusing on shifting to virtual fair space to help companies connect with customers.

9 tips for finding buyers on the European home decoration and home textile market

The tips listed below offer a short overview on what steps to take when searching for buyers on the European home decoration and home textile (HDHT) market. It provides a good basis for how and where to find European buyers.

Bamboo material in Vietnam

Vietnam currently has more than 1.5 million hectares of bamboo under different forest types. In which, the sustainable exploitable area is 354,000 ha with the exploitable reserve of 4.3 billion trees and the annual exploitable output is 432 million trees.

Exporting garden pots to Europe

The European market for garden pots is growing, as European consumers are connecting with nature. The United Kingdom, Germany and France are especially interesting target markets, with large numbers of hobby gardeners. The relatively new mid to high-end segments 

Potential European market for natural fibre table linen.

The European market for natural fibre table linen is fairly stable. Most imports originate from developing countries, which offers you interesting opportunities. The middle and high-end market segments have the most potential.

Commitment on Sustainable Trade and Development in the EVFTA

The Commitment on Trade and Sustainable Development in the EVFTA Agreement consists of 17 Articles with the following main contents: Marine resources and aquaculture products, Labor and Transparency.

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