Market Trends

Market Trends

Distribution of home decor and gift items in the US

With its annual consumption of USD 13 billion, the US is one of the biggest home décor and gift markets in the world. In recent years, the exportation of home décor and gift items from Vietnam to the US has been increasing

New trends in the EU for home decor & textiles

In coming years, we can expect changes in the social patterns of EU, with a rising middle class in Eastern European countries, the growing importance of CSR- certified products (Corporate Social Responsibility) and more demand for personalized/simplified  as well as products with a soul

Changes in the world handicraft market

The global market for home accessories is estimated to be at least US$ 100 billion according to a study done by US Aid on the “Global Market Assessment for Handicrafts”. The United States of America remains the largest importer of the home accessories with a total value of US$ 67

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