Market Trends

The European market potential for leather bags

Europe is a strong market for leather bags with a total import value of €4.8 billion and a 5-year average growth of 9.7%. France and Italy are the most specialised import markets with the highest unit prices. 

The European market potential for travel accessories made of textiles

European imports of textile travel accessories have increased steadily. Between 2014 and 2018, the average growth was 7.9%, which is higher than the growth in global imports of travel accessories made of textiles during the same period. This increase is expected to continue and makes Europe an interesting potential market for you.

EU requirements for foreign Tourism industry

There are a number of legal, non-legal, voluntary and common requirements that organisations offering tourism services to the European market must or should comply with. Strict regulations must be complied to ensure travelers' safety

Hemp plant pots

Hemp has always been known for its myriad of qualities. Not only is it purported to be the strongest natural fiber in the world but it is also sustainable and create least harm during the producing process. Magically, it can be used to create a biodegradable material

3D Printed Bamboo Structure Bridges the Gap Between Tradition and Technology

Bridging the gap between the old and the new is never easy. Traditional building methods, where you often adjust to the unpredictability of a natural material, seem to contrast with the mechanical precision of modern construction.

IKEA launches homeware made from rice straw to help reduce India's smoke problem

IKEA is collaborating with rice straw collectors to make products with the Swedish company's existing suppliers in the region. The project was unveiled today as part of this year's Democratic Design Days, IKEA's annual conference, at the company's headquarters in Älmhult

What trends offer opportunities on the European market for vases?

Vases have evolved from serving primarily as a vehicle for displaying flowers to being home accessories in their own right. So, they are no longer purely functional (holding the water for flowers) but also have added emotional values.

Ban sought on import of silk from China

The Silk Association of India (SAI), a body comprising cocoon farmers, silk reelers and weavers, has written to Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani seeking a complete ban on silk originating from China – exported directly to India or through Vietnam and other countries 

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