OVOP International

National Handicrafts Development in India

To promote Handicrafts and address the problems and challenges being faced by the sector, the Office of the Development Commissioner [Handicrafts] under the Ministry of Textiles is undertaking various developmental activities. 

Thai silk demand is increasing

Thai silk continues to ride a boom in global demand, with growth estimated at 33 per cent year on year in 2019. Among the factors driving growth are the nouveau riche in China , who love to decorate their homes with golden silk.

Traditional Lacquerware in Myanmar

Myanmar Lacquerware has a very unique style and a long tradition dating back to the 13th Century and existing mainly at Bagan in central Myanmar. Bagan is the major center for the lacquerware industry where the handicraft is still practiced in the traditional manner.

Traditional Lotus Weaving in Inle Lake, Myanmar

The birth of lotus weaving in Inle Lake is said to date back to more than century ago when an artisan named Paw Sar Ou started noticing at the fine fibers of lotus stems on the blossoming lotus growing on the lake. That when she cut the lotus stem and pulled the halves gently, the thread appeared.

One Village One Product Movement in Malaysia

The OVOP concept first appeared in Malaysia in 1992 and has received enthusiastic support from the people. The movement has grown strongly and created thousands of entrepreneurs from 141 counties across the country.

UN Women develops OVOP in Egypt

Women play a vital role in the economy development of Egypt, yet their role goes invisible, particularly rural women. Rarely can they access agricultural products or the agriculture bank as one of the requirements for loans. As a response, UN Women focused on the movement OVOP. 

Geta - Wooden clogs made of local trees by traditional craftsmanship in Hita city

Hita city is located in the upper Chikugo river and surrounded by mountains. There are a lot of high-quality Japanese cedar trees due to a huge difference of heat and cold, and a forestry industry have been thriving there. In Edo period, Hita city, located in the center of Kyushu island, 

Handicraft sector in Kenya

Kenya being the East Africa gateway and business hub, handicraft production is a major form of employment and constitutes a significant part of the national export economy. It has been suggested that there is an increasing number of small businesses turning to handicraft production and that this trend is unlikely to change significantly in the future

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