Geta - Wooden clogs made of local trees by traditional craftsmanship in Hita city

Hita city is located in the upper Chikugo river and surrounded by mountains. There are a lot of high-quality Japanese cedar trees due to a huge difference of heat and cold, and a forestry industry have been thriving there. In Edo period, Hita city, located in the center of Kyushu island, 

Handicraft sector in Kenya

Kenya being the East Africa gateway and business hub, handicraft production is a major form of employment and constitutes a significant part of the national export economy. It has been suggested that there is an increasing number of small businesses turning to handicraft production and that this trend is unlikely to change significantly in the future

Brazilian handicrafts

Brazilian culture has been influenced greatly by the Portuguese, Indians, Africans, Europeans and settlers from the Middle East and Asia. One of their main contributions can be seen in the beautiful and rich arts & craft markets spread throughout the country. Historically, handicrafts have received little recognition as an art form in Brazil.

Oyama Town – The origin of global OVOP

Although initiated formally in the late 70s by Governor Hiramatsu , the idea of the OVOP-type movement was very much deep rooted in at least some parts of the prefecture, well before its formal commencement. After WWII, Japan faced a serious food shortage since large numbers of people, especially the young , began to migrate from rural areas to the big urban centers, thereby creating a 

Hanoi to host “One village one product” exhibition

An exhibition called “One village one product” (OVOP) displaying Vietnamese high-quality handicraft products opened in Hanoi on December 9, 2016 as a part of efforts to attract more tourists to the capital and promote traditional craft villages. As the first event of its kind in Hanoi, the four-day exhibition will feature 30-40 booths from traditional handicraft villages nationwide. 

Trade promotion with OCOP Program

Based on the international experience and initial success of some provinces, at the National Conference on OCOP Program (March 2017 in Quang Ninh), Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung directed Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to coordinate with related ministries and sectors to prepare a proposal on expanding OCOP


Ancient Shan Tuyet tea in Vietnam

Situated at an altitude of nearly 1,400 meters above sea level, Suoi Giang in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province is the home to the oldest tea trees in Vietnam. "I have travelled across 120 countries which have tea trees in the world, but I’ve not seen any perennial tea trees like those in Suoi Giang," wrote an academic of the USSR Academy of Sciences, MK Djemukhatze, in the visitor’s book of Suoi Giang in 1960.

K’ho Coffee - A love story

Over the years,  “K’Ho Coffee” has been known as a signature  coffee brand in Lam Dong Province’s Lang Biang Plateau which was created by Joshua, an American, and his wife Co Lieng Rolan, a K’Ho girl. It is also an exemplary model for making clean coffee of the K’Ho ethnic group in the Central Highlands.

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