Bich Chu Carpenter Village

Main Products: Carved Furniture

Ethnic Minority: kinh

From Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi): 43 km
From Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC): 1172 km

Located by Red River in Vinh Tuong District Bich Chu is a point of note in the overall picture of Vinh Phuc country landscape. Since long time, Bich Chu has been well known of its marvelous carpentry.

Being a midland village with lyric scenery of palm forest and tea hill, Bich Chu is a famous traditional carpentry village of Vinh Phuc province. Their products are not only the pround of villagers but also being admired by Vietnamese and foreigners, that is why there exists a sentence: "Bamboo wares in Vinh Mo, wooden ware in Bich Chu"

The village elders usually tell a story to descendants about the village history which was formed since more than 500 years. The Lo Ban patriarch is being worshipped in the village. Through development history, carpentry has been reserved as a treasure from generation to generation with daily improvement. For the time being, there are about 1,000 carpenters in the village who are able to make furniture as cupboard, bed, table, chair,…; interior decoration as ceiling, floor, stairs,…; and also art products as statues for sanctuary and temples, big character panel which is red lacquered trimmed with gold,…They are not only good at simple designs for European market but also good at complicated carving for Asia market

Bich Chu products are welcomed at all provinces in Vietnam. Many new enterprises were established and brought Bich Chu products to many high quality furniture shops in Hanoi , Hochiminh city and other provinces.

Would you spare once your little time to come to Bich Chu you will have a good opportunity to gaze with admiration the artisans' high talent and great creativeness. You will be very interested in the look at great To Vu a legendary shepherd akind Venerable Mitreya (Buddha) or a powerful eagle and if you are on the Red River in a windy afternoon when the sun is setting you can hear the rattling and other bustling noises in the small hamlet. You will never forget them as they are always as a solo in a concert in a peaceful village.

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