Thanh Hoa – Land of the specialties



Thanh Hoa is rich in natural resources and has lots of sea, forest and beauty spots. Its people have created numerous renowned delicious dishes.

“Nem chua” (sour ham) is a popular dish in Vietnam, but there is hardly anywhere that can surpass the crispy attractive taste of “Nem chua” in Thanh Hoa. About the finger size, the sweet scented mix from garlic, guava leaves, and Ming aralia leaves, combined with the eye-catching pink meat, have made “nem chua Thanh Hoa” to be widely distributed and adored by the people.

Talking about specialties in Thanh Hoa, there is “banh rang bua” (literally harrow tooth shaped cake), a kind of small steamed rice cake. It is named as such due to its long, thin cylindrical shape, which is similar to a tooth of the harrow used by farmers. It is made of rice flour, minced pork shoulder, Judas’s ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae), onion, salt, pepper, and wrapped with “La dong” (phrynium leaves). Therefore, it has a delicate and fresh flavor, with the outer being silky soft and the inner being charming. Used with “nuoc mam chanh ot” (fish sauce with chili and some drops of lime), it seems like you can never get bored with “bánh răng bừa”.

Besides, there are also “cha tom” (grilled chopped shrimp balls), “mam tep” (fermented tiny shrimp paste), “banh gai Tho Xuong” (horn leaf cakes of Tho Xuong commune), “canh la đang” (literally bitter leaf soup), “mam cay” (fiddler crap paste), “banh da Minh Chau” (rice cracker of Minh Chau village), “ca ro Dam Set” (tilapia of ‘Dam Set’ area), and Sam Son seafood, etc.

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