Craft Villages in Vietnam

Phuc Sen forging village

It is said that this village was established in the 11 th century. In the early days, the villagers produced weapons for the soldiers of Nung Ton Phuc and Nung Tri Cao to fight against the Song army. After the war, they made farm and domestic tools such as ploughs, hoes, knives and scissors. It is also said that the villagers used to cast cannons and grenade casings, especially during the resistance war against French colonialism.

Kim Bang Ceramics

Visitors to Que usually first comment about the peaceful and warm atmosphere most ancient villages have in common. Away from the noise, pollution and hectic life style of busy urban centres, traditional villages seem to exist beyond time, in a dimension untouched by the ways of a new age. They seem to breathe peacefully and follow a steady pace, unaltered by the digital fury or the imperatives of development.

Hemp textile in Ha Giang

According to H’mong tradition, each grown-up girl has her own field to grow hemp. After two months, hemp grew very well in straight lines and can be harvested. H’mong people cut them down and dry to get fiber. Fibre splitting requires extremely skills of the hand in order to have steady thin fiber. These balls of fiber will be ground in a mortar to get pure fiber. Fibre splitting requires extremely skills

Silver-plaited village in the Red Delta River

Legend has it that 300 years ago, there was an artist named Nguyen Kim Lau, who had used his boat to travel downstream on Tra Ly River to earn his living. It was him who transferred his silver carving skills to local people in Dong Xuan village. Through the ups and downs, silver carving has been maintained and boomingly developed. After he died, Dong Xam Temple was built

An Impression of Chau Giang brocade village

Chau Giang is situated on Phu Tan district, An Giang province which is separated from Chau Doc by a river. Chau Giang Cham village is the gathering place of many Cham people in the South of Vietnam. Different from the Cham in the central region who follow Ba Ni or Brahmanism religion, the Cham in Chau Giang follow Islam with the strict mores of the official Islamic.