The specialties of Phu Yen

Phu Yen is a land endowed by nature with romantic mountain and water landscapes and many spectacular, unique, and interesting scenaries. You will not only have the chance to marvel at crystal clear lagoons and wide beaches but can also try out the specialties of the forest and ocean full of the flavors from the Central regions of Vietnam unique to this place.

O Loan lagoon has many rare types of seafood, most special of which is oyster. Oysters can be cooked into many different dishes: dip into vinegar to be eaten instantly, braise with banana, but the most special dish is porridge. To make delicious oyster porridge, red rice and fresh oysters should be chosen together with some regular spices. The dish is cooked in the same way as other porridge dishes but when seasoned with spices can have a unique aroma and special taste of seafood. Especially, this type of porridge is more delicious when served cold rather than steaming hot.

Beside O Loan lagoon oyster porridge, Phu Yen is also known as the place with many other tasty specialties from the ocean such as O Loan blood cockle, shell fish salad, garfish salad, tuna, Cau river king crab, cofferfish, spanner crab, ‘male’ snails steamed with lemongrass; or specialties with flavors of the mountain and the earth such as Son Hoa half-dried beef jerky, paste made from rat meat, butterfly lizard cooked with muskmelon

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