Specialties of Lai Chau Province

In the North West of Vietnam locates a mountainous land, Lai Chau province. Sharing the borderline with Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Son La, Yen Bai provinces, Lai Chau is home to more than 20 ethnic minorities and. This charming, pure cool and magnificent highland offers visitors natural and bold flavored specialties from the forest.

A special rice that can only found here is Dau rice, which you will never forget its distinguished taste and flavor. Dau rice of highest quality can only be grown in San Thang 1, 2 tribe, Chin Chu Chai, Lung Than.

A trip to Vang Pheo and Phong Tho tribe will be an unforgettable with special culinary of White Thai ethnic minority group. The distinct taste of grilled goby in hot ash will blow your mind away. The carefully seasoned fresh goby fish is wrap in green leaf then buried in hot ash. After the fish is turned a few times every 30 minutes, it is ready to serve. The party of flavor will make you feel like an explosion of the senses.

There are more specialties such as purple sticky rice, stream rock moss, bitter leaf soup (a kind of trees naturally grows in the forest), Sung Phai corn liquor, and mixed salad of young bamboo and Ban flower, Don vegetable…

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