Our activities

The United Nations has identified poverty as one of the biggest global challenges and set its Millennium Development Goals to eradicate extreme poverty. The potential for tourism to play a significant role in the alleviation of poverty is increasingly recognised by international bodies and the Vietnamese government. According to the World Economic Forum, tourism is the most dynamic sector globally in terms of job creation in developing countries. In the National Socio-economic Development Plan, the contribution made by tourism to socio-economic development is clearly stated, with it offering “significant contributions to poverty reduction, and even hunger eradication”.

Vietcraft is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism with activities that specifically alleviate poverty, delivering development and jobs to poor people. Vietcraft promotes the potential of craft village tourism in Vietnam where tourism resources are available and remain largely untapped. Vietcraft offers solutions to challenges facing the tourism industry and destination communities as they balance economic viability with socio-cultural and environmental advances and equity.

Major activities include:

Capacity Building and Training: Vietcraft provides a series of capacity building and other training activities in matters related to poverty alleviation through sustainable tourism in the craft villages for public officials, NGOs, the private sector and communities.

Research and Publications: Vietcraft can conduct a wide range of research, including potential assessments for sustainable tourism development in different localities and craft villages, tourism and poverty alleviation linkages…. Vietcraft also compiles and publishes manuals, guidelines and reports related to sustainable and craft village tourism.

Promotion of tourism in different villages: By working closely with its partners, Vietcraft promotes a model of community and craft-based tourism in different localities in Vietnam. The promotional activities include building capacity for local people in identification and utilisation of local resources, establishing management structures, improving basic infrastructure and facilities for community and craft-based tourism development, improving local products and services and establishing efficient marketing services…

Responsible Tour Operator: Vietcraft is working as a responsible tour operator for craft and community-based tourism in Vietnam. It provides visitors with information on different tourism models in the craft villages Vietnam; facilitates the development of favourable conditions for visitors to visit these models and provides a training programme to enable local people to offer standard services. As a responsible tour operator, Vietcraft is committed to benefiting local communities (both economically and socially), to respect local cultures (traditions, religions and heritage infrastructure), to conserve natural resources and to minimise pollution (through noise, waste disposal and congestion)