Implemented projects

No.Project nameLocationYearPartner
78Analysis of selected value chains of handicraft and food in HanoiHanoi2017ILO
77Development of home décor and home textile in CLMVLaos, Cambodia, Myanmar2016CBI, the Netherlands
76Sustainable handicraft design and brandNationwide2015EU
75Improving livelihood of ethnic women through the development of traditional textilesNghe An, Thanh Hoa, Hoa Binh2014SDC
74Development of handicrafts for tourism marketNorth Central2013ICCO
73Green Production and Trade for sustainable poor reductionNghe An, Thanh Hoa, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho2012UNIDO, ILO, FAO, ITC and UNCTAD
72Promote home décor sector in Vietnam in European countriesEU2012SIPPO, Switzerland
71Develop national branding for home décor sector in Vietnam in European countries EU2011CBI, the Netherlands
70Development of environmental - friendly products basing on local available materialsVietnam2012VIRI, Vietnam
69Development of professional craft fair for HanoiHanoi2012Hanoi
68Study on the possibility of development for Bana textileKon Tum province2011GMLI, Japan
67Study on the economic potential of peri-urban craft villages in HanoiHanoi2011ADETEF, France
66Development of the “One Village One Product” in VietnamNationwide2010MARD
65Participatory Value Chain Assessment For Bamboo, Rattan, Home Accessories Quang Nam province2010ILO
64Support to traditional craft villages through development of CBT models in Bac Ninh provinceBac Ninh province2010The Asia Foundation
63Development of design service in VietnamNationwide2010B2B Denmark
62Global E-marketing campaign for home décor and gifts in Vietnam Worldwide2010VIETCRAFT
61Organization of International Trade Fair on Handicraft and FurnitureHochiminh City2010MOIT
60Development of business plan for rattan companiesNationwide2010WWF
59Development of master plan for the exportation of handicraft sector by 2015Nationwide2011MARD
58Organization of International Trade Fair on Handicraft and Furniture Hochiminh City2010MOIT
57Studying on market for Vietnamese handicrafts in the Scandinavian countriesDenmark, Norway and Sweden2009MOIT
56Studying on Value addition to Agricultural productsFiji2009APO (Japan)
55Study on rattan industry in IndonesiaIndonesia2009WWF
54Establishment of national master plan for the development of raw material for craft villagesNationwide2009MARD
53Study on the potential of OVOP development in Vinh Long province and develop of OVOP models Vinh Long2009Vinh Long province
52Setting up “Vietnam Rattan Network” to support for rattan development in VietnamNationwide2009Ford Foundation
51Study on the development of design initiatives from Thailand, Philippine and Japan to set up National design center in VietnamBankok, Manila and Tokyo2009ITC and Vietrade
50Feasibility study for the development of pro-poor rattan in Nghe An provinceTuong Duong and Ky Son districts2009Oxfam Hongkong
49Study on OVOP handicrafts in Japan and its trade promotional activitiesFukuoka & Tokyo2009AJC, Japan
48Forests for Livelihood Improvements in the Central Highlands (FLITCH) Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lac, Dak Nong, Lam Dong and Phu Yen2008GFA, ADB
47Development of handicrafts for Community-Based Tourism in Dakrong district, Quang Tri provinceQuang Tri2008Quang Tri Rural development Programme
46Study on bamboo processing industries in VietnamNationwide2008PI, World Bank, Unifem
45Study on opportunities to develop rural industries in North-west regionHoa Binh, Son La, Lai Chau and Dien Bien2008JICA
44Assement of bamboo and wood resources in Lao PDR and identification of business opportunities for two countriesLaos2008VIETCRAFT
43Assets Improvement for Livelihood of Poor Communities in Cam Khe DistrictPhu Tho province2008Ford Foundation
42Value chain analysis for Acacia – Rattan – Cassava in the North Central Region of VietnamCentral North 2008SNV
41Study on local industries/products for the Master plan on Roadside Stations in Vietnam12 provinces in the South2008JICA
40Market research for home décor and handicrafts in JapanFukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, Shizuoka cities2007APO (Japan)
39Market research for home décor and handicrafts in EUGermany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzeland2007ITC
38Market development for embroidery, rattan furniture and plastic fishing net in Quang Tri provinceDakrong, Cam Lo and Hai Lang Districts2007Quang Tri Rural Development Program
37Development of bamboo handicrafts to generate income for the poorsThuong Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province2007World Vision/ Swizeland
36Study on bamboo production in Vietnam to develop regional strategy in Vietnam, Laos and CambodiaBac Giang, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh2007Oxfam Hongkong / Unifem
35Training and Employment to Address Poverty among Rural YouthPhu Tho province2007ILO
34Development of craft village tourism for poverty reduction in VietnamHa Tay province2007World Tourism Organization (WTO) and SNV
33Study on spun bamboo production in Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces for investment oppotunitiesNinh Binh and Nam Dinh provinces2007Winrock International, USA
32Development of off - farm activities in Kong Prong, Cam Lo and Hai Lang districts, Quang Tri provinceQuang Tri2007Quang Tri Rural Development Program
31Market opportunities for plantation wood under KfW project and certified scheme for smallholder organizationBac Giang and Quang Tri2007KfW and WWF
30Support SMEs maximizing their resources and develop action plan for mobilization of investmentHue2007Asia Development Bank (ADB)
29Study on local industries/products for the Master plan on Roadside Stations in Vietnam11 provinces in the North2007Almec Cooperation & JICA
28Development of “One Village One Product Movement in Vietnam” for community developmentPhu Tho2006APO (Japan)
27Study on model of “One Village One Product” in Japan and “One Tambon One Product” in ThailandJapan and Thailand2006APO (Japan)
26Value chain analysis of mangrove charcoal production in Mekong River DeltaCa Mau and Can Tho provinces2006WWF
25Planning for off - farm activities and rural trades in Phu Tho provincePhu Tho province (12 districts and town)2006Phu Tho
24Value chain analysis at Hanung and Sopai Forest Enterprises – Project for sustainable forest managementGia Lai2006WWF
23Building Sector Export Strategy for Wood furniture industry in VietnamNationwide2006International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD/WTO
22Building Sector Export Strategy for Arts and Crafts industry in VietnamNationwide2005International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD/WTO
21Generating income for poor ethnic women and preservation traditional craftsHoa Binh province2006CIDSE, Belgium
20Generating income and building capacity for ethnic groups in Kon Tum province through the effective utilization of NTFP resourcesKon Tum province2006Oxfam Quebec, Canada
19Generating income and building capacity for Khome ethnic people through water - hyacinth handicraft productionTra Vinh province2006Oxfam Quebec, Canada
18Building Export Marketing guidelines for Arts and Crafts and Wood furniture industries in VietnamNationwide2005International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD/WTO
17Export potential assessment of embroidery and sedge weaving subsector in Ninh Binh provinceNinh Binh province2005SNV, the Netherlands
16Export Potential Assessment of Arts and Crafts and wood furniture in VietnamNationwide2005VIETRADE
15Support Community - based tourism (CBT) in Kim Bong wood craft village, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province (INT/W2/11)Quang Nam province2005ITC
14Survey on off - farm activities and potential of NTFP for sustainable development in Nghe An (VIE/00/015)Nghe An provinces2005The Belgium Technical Co - operation (BTC)
13Development of native textile to generate income and preserve cultural values for Hmong ethnic womenLao Cai2005The Embassy of Findland
12Income generation for trafficked victims and high - risk trafficking women Ha Noi and Quang Ninh2005Oxfam Quebec, Canada
11Eri Silk Promotion for Poverty Reduction in Central HighlandCentral Highlands2005MARD and ADB
10Study on wood processing industry in Vietnam for trade promotion Nationwide2004VIETRADE
9Reducing deforestation through income generation for the poor from handicraft roductionPhu Tho province2003SNV, the Netherlands
8Study on wood materials being used for wood processing industry in Vietnam Nationwide2003Toyota Tsusho, Japan
7Research on the possibility of producing antique wooden frame for Austria marketNationwide2003La Point
6Research on microfinance to support household - based businesses in Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa Thanh Hoa province2003World Vision, Switzerland
5Income generation for the poor in Ky Son through development of textile crafts to replace opium poppy cultivationNghe An province2003The United Nations Drug Control Program
4Study on craft villages and its products for trade promotionNationwide2003VIETRADE
3Study on materials (wood, bamboo & rattan, silk) and distribution chains of craft villages in VietnamNationwide2003ALMEC Corporation, Japan
2Research on the situation of micro-enterprises in Cam Khe district, Phu Tho province and recommendations for developmentPhu Tho province2003Cam Khe’s People Committee
1Trade promotion for craft villages and Development of marketing materialsNationwide2002VIETRADE